Chocolate Macadamia Nut Flavored Kona Coffee

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The delicious tropical oasis of chocolate macadamia nut flavor with our Estate grown Hawaiian Kona coffee beans.

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Don’t look any further for a delightful macadamia nut experience than chocolate macadamia nut-flavored Kona coffee! Immerse your taste buds in a grand symphony of smooth, mellowed dark chocolate with a sweet hint of creamy macadamia nut, a popular exotic local island nut. Start your morning with an energizing cup of medium-dark roast from one of the top Hawaiian coffees.

Take delight in a bold flavor with our 100% Estate grown Hawaiian Kona coffee beans, and make every sip feel like you’re taking a mini vacation to paradise. Rich dark chocolate and sweet, nutty flavor scattered into a medium-dark roast produce a whole-bodied, smooth, and mellow-flavored coffee that satisfies cravings. Grown on the Big Island’s Kona Coast, this gourmet coffee of the finest arabica beans has been perfected by nature’s perfect coffee-growing conditions, making it an ideal cup of paradise every time.

Kona Coffee is a delicious flavor tropical oasis right out of the bag! The inviting combination of velvety chocolate and mellow macadamia nut gives this coffee its delightful flavor. With freshly packaged protection for freshness, you can savor that luscious flavor repeatedly without worry. And with a one-way flavor valve to lock in its deliciousness, you can rest assured knowing each sip will be packed with the fantastic taste of Hawaii’s favorite coffee. Grab yourself that mug and enjoy an incredible Kona chocolate macadamia coffee treat today!

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1 review for Chocolate Macadamia Nut Flavored Kona Coffee

  1. Shane S (verified owner)

    Absolute delicious delight…classic Kona Coffee taste with subtle chocolate macadamia flavoring. A definite must for lovers of flavored coffees.

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