1. Storing Your Kona Coffee:
    First, start with the best whole bean coffee you can get. Keep it whole bean, in the freezer, in a glass jar with a good lid until you are ready to brew.
  2. Grind:
    Next, grind only what you need, right out of the freezer, right when you need it, and not before (so get yourself a grinder if you need one).
  3. Measure:
    Two (2) level tablespoons of ground coffee for each six (6) ounces of water (or for each regular cup).
    If you wanna know, that's the standard of 19% extraction , 1.25% solubles in cup, and 98.75% water!
  4. Brewing:
    Use a French Press to control all aspects of your brewing, but Kona Premium Coffee is great in your coffee maker and espresso machine.
    Water - best if clean and sweet, cold and not boiled before.
    Temperature - less than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so just off the boil.
    Time - 4 to 6 minutes.
    So temp you may not be able to control in the Mr. Coffee, but time you can by the grind (finer, slower; coarser, faster).
  5. Enjoy!
    Drink it fresh brewed, no holding on heat element. If you need to keep it or head off to work, get a good pump pot or good thermal mug.