Our Story

Kona Premium Coffee Company is a family owned and operated Kona Coffee Farm.

Our journey started in 1998 when we purchased a 9.5 acres farm,on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shortly, we learnt there was a need in the market for cherry coffee processing. As a result, we started our first online business. Furthermore, we purchased a 38-pound roaster and 3-natural-gas dryers. Not only did we grow rapidly, but we also came out on top with our second online business after the recession.

So what makes Kona Coffee so special?: Dark volcanic soil,sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons. These ideal conditions only exist on the leeward side of the Big Island of Hawaii, within a small belt of land above Kona

What makes our Kona Coffee extra-special? : We hand-pick only red, ripe cherries and process our own beans. Our coffee is sun-dried and freshly roasted upon order.

We take pride in offering you, the finest tasting coffee in the world. Pamper yourself with Kona Coffee Cup, made from the freshest beans available on the continent. There is not need to wait until you go to Hawaii; we will ship the beans straight to your kitchen.