Kona Premium Coffee farm

Farm Tour

Kona Premium Coffee Co. is the Kona District's premiere coffee company. The estate is located on the slopes of an active volcano, Mount Hualalai. 

Kona Coffees have built a reputation as the world's highest quality. Using age-old processes dating back centuries and incorporating the latest in state of the art technology, Kona Premium consistently delivers a superior coffee with an unforgettable, mellow flavor.


Our superior quality coffees begin with the healthiest Kona Arabica Coffee trees grown in fertile, volcanic soil enhanced with a blend of natural nutrients and minerals.

Continuous soil testing is performed to insure that every generation of Kona Premium Estate Coffee grows in a soil mixture with an optimum nutrient composition.


Unlike most conventional coffees, which are made from beans mass-harvested at varying levels of ripeness, each bean of Kona Premium Estate Coffee is individually hand-picked.

Only beans that meet Kona Premium's rigid standards of ripeness and quality are harvested - each ripe bean remaining in prime condition for only a few days.


Most coffee worldwide is dried in the sun - an unpredictable method that can take from 5 days to 3 weeks, introduce molds and mildews, and have other negative effects on the quality and flavor of the coffee.

Increasingly, "better" quality coffees are being dried mechanically - producing a more consistent product but in some cases overcooking or contaminating the beans.

Kona Premium uses a new and very advanced combination drying method to insure quality and enhance flavor. Kona Premium coffee beans are initially dried in the sun to take advantage of the chemical processes present in this drying technique. The beans are then carefully "finish dried" using low temperature dehydration. This two part drying method insures perfect consistency and retention of quality.


After the drying process is complete, most conventional coffee growers hull and polish their beans and go directly to roasting.

However, one of the most significant enhancements to the flavor of Kona Premium coffee is achieved by aging the Kona beans in climate-controlled storage. This aging process gives Kona Premium Estate coffee a wonderful, mellow, rich taste.


Kona Premium's roasting technique is very important to the coffee's flavor and utilizes a hot air fluid bed roaster. This roasting method is new to the coffee industry and offers several advantages over traditional coffee roasting techniques.

Unlike traditional roasting techniques, fluid bed roasting, in which the beans are bathed in hot flowing air, provides uniform amounts of heat to each bean. And, by the nature of the flowing air, contaminants such as smoke, dust, and burning oils are cleanly removed as they are produced, enhancing the quality of the roast and insuring a great tasting coffee.

Kona Premium offers only the highest grades of coffee. An estate roast that combines the full range of flavors from the harvest, and the Private Reserve Coffee that combines only the very largest beans to produce a truly special flavor. "Medium Dark" temperature is our most popular roast for Kona Coffee but you can choose your roast for all our Kona coffees.


Coffee is best consumed as soon after roasting as possible, in that continued exposure to oxygen will begin the staling process. Therefore, Kona Premium Estate Coffee is always roasted specifically to meet order demand; packaged immediately after roasting in specially designed bags that prevent introduction of oxygen and moisture, and then rushed to the customer so it can be perfectly fresh when it's finally poured in your cup!

Thanks for allowing us to take you on this tour of our coffee farm. We believe products are better for the consumer when they are understood, so that the quality can be determined by the buyer rather than simply claimed by the label. Contact us, and let us know what you think. We would enjoy hearing from you. Or… Why not order your first bag now.

We're sure you'll enjoy our smooth, aromatic flavor of Kona Premium Estate Coffee.

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