Kona Premium Coffee & Chocolate Gift Set


Taste our best premium 100% Kona Coffee in a variety of roasts along with semi sweet chocolate covered peaberry coffee beans and macadamia nuts, for the finest quality gift. (Even if it’s just for yourself to experience!)


Gift the taste of brewed paradise fresh from the Big Island of Hawaii. Our gift set is the perfect introduction to the Kona Premium coffee experience. Sample our finest 100% Kona Coffee varieties in different roast profiles chosen by our roaster to bring out unique flavors from each coffee bean.

Three 4oz whole bean bags of our Kona Premium 100% Kona coffee:

  • Private Reserve – medium-dark, full city roast
  • Peaberry – medium
  • Blonde Estate – light roast

Included with your coffee,  you get a special island treat of local macadamia nuts covered in semi sweet chocolate, and everybody’s favorite chocolate covered Peaberry Coffee Beans. Two 4oz bags.


Our Kona Premium 100% Kona coffee line is made up of:

PRIVATE RESERVE – Our flagship coffee representing the best flavor of Kona coffee.

Our Private Reserve contains Extra Fancy and Fancy beans, the two top Kona Grades for the largest size and highest density beans. In our high mountain coffee fields rich in volcanic soil, these beans ripen slowly thus absorbing more nutrients from the trees and producing remarkable size and flavor. This yields a world-renowned elegant cup of coffee, with rich, complex full-bodied flavors and heavenly aromatics that fill the room, from hazelnut to dried cherry and citrus fruit.

Our Full City roast is known to bring out the best tasting experience and is the most common roast level within the Kona coffee belt. Like the taste of sweet citrus from the fruit trees on our farm and honey like smell of the flowers, this medium-dark roast boasts a rich dark chocolate and nutty aroma, with a sweet, berry-like flavor. Its balanced flavor, low acidity and silky-smooth finish is unparalleled.

Tasting notes: dried cherry, citrus fruit, blackberry, hazelnut and dark chocolate

PEABERRY – Peaberry is the Champagne of Kona Coffee. These delicate and rare coffee beans account for only 3-5% of our overall harvest and are packed full of rich flavor. The flavor is like sweet vanilla dark chocolate cream in your cup, the ultimate gourmet Kona coffee taste. 

Peaberry refers to a particular type of coffee bean. This special coffee bean is smallest in size yet has double the amount of nutrients than a normal coffee bean due to its unique growing process. Whereas normal coffee cherries produce two beans, peaberry beans naturally fuse into one small, dense, oval-shaped bean. This unique shape and high density profile roasts better and boasts a distinct flavor you don’t want to miss.

ESTATE COFFEE IN OUR BLONDE ROAST – Enjoy the full flavor of the harvest captured in this coffee, consisting of all our Kona Coffee grades. Our smoothest, cleanest cup with complexity, plenty of sweetness and bright citrus flavor. Experience a lighter, bright Kona coffee taste in our light roast, with more of the natural flavor characteristics unique to our coffee grown in this region.

Tasting notes: hazelnut, caramel


Gift the experience of our finest premium 100% Kona Coffee and roasts, even if it’s just for yourself. You deserve it.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 9 in


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